In order to assure a vehicle is properly transferred, please read and follow the instructions carefully. Paperwork relating to the transfer of a vehicle MUST be submitted to the County Clerk's Office before the transaction can be processed.

Required Paperwork:
Original title (no photocopies)
Proof of current insurance, no more than 45 days old (not needed on trailers)

How to complete a transfer from one Kentucky individual to another Kentucky individual:
Procedures will depend on the "age" of your title. Follow the directions under the heading that best describes the Kentucky title that is being used to process your transfer of ownership.

7" by 8" Kentucky Title that was printed before 2/8/00

Complete the "assignment of title" on the back of your Kentucky Title. Complete the seller and buyer section of the Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title/Registration (TC 96-182). The 2013 revision of the TC 96-182 has the Total Consideration Affidavit used for computing usage tax incorporated into the form.

The Vehicle Identification Section along with the Seller and Buyer information should be completed and signed by both parties. All signatures must be notarized.

8 1/2" by 11" Kentucky Title that was printed 2/28/00 or later

Complete the "Transfer of Title by Owner" on the top portion of the back of your Kentucky Title. Do not use the First Dealer Assignment Section on the front of title, unless you are a registered dealership. Complete the Application for Title/Affidavit of Total Consideration on the bottom portion of the title. Note: Seller and buyer signatures are required in the "Transfer of Title" section and both are also required in the "Application for Title/Affidavit of Total Consideration" section, signatures must be notarized.

General Information:

  • The seller should sign his name on the back of the title exactly as it appears on the front.
  • The seller's signature must be notarized on the back of the title. In the case of an older title not having a notary field, the seller's signature would then be notarized on the Application for Title.
  • In cases of joint ownership - "or", "and/or" require just one signature - "and" requires both signatures.
  • The correct odometer reading is required.
  • The Title and VTR may be completed and notarized outside the County Clerk's Office. In such cases anyone may bring the paperwork in for processing.
  • If the buyer or seller's signature is notarized by the County Clerk's Office, the person must appear in person with a valid picture ID. A $2 notary fee is charged for each signature.
  • The buyer must provide proof of current insurance on the vehicle being transferred. Original card must include NAIC number and an effective date no more than 45 days old.
  • All fees including transfer fee, notary fees (if applicable), plate fees (if applicable) and usage taxes are due at the time of transfer.
  • Usage tax is based on 6% of purchase price when using a Total Consideration Affidavit. If not, the vehicle is taxed on 6% of the retail NADA value.
  • Any delinquent tax on the vehicle being transferred must be paid before transfer.
  • A license plate must be current in order to transfer the vehicle.

A "Title Only" requires the current plate to be surrendered and proof of insurance is not required.


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