Active Duty Military Information

Renewal of Kentucky registrations

    Documentation required
  • January LES for that tax year
  • Proof of insurance
  • Military id

If active duty member is not listed as a registered owner on the vehicle, Kentucky ad-valorem tax may be due at the time of renewal.

We can only renew Kentucky registrations for military personnel if you are stationed at Fort Knox, TDY from Fort Knox with a copy of the temporary order, or if you provide a copy of a current LES showing Kentucky as your home of record.
Move-in from out of state

    Documentation required
  • Out of state title and registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • Military ID
  • Proof of sales or use tax paid previously to another state.
  • Vehicle is required to have an inspection for VIN and Odometer verification

If title is being held by a lien holder, our office is required to send a written request for the title to be forwarded to us.  We ask that you bring in the lien holder’s name, address, and your account number.  If possible, supply our office with a fax number and name to send the fax directly to them in order to speed up this process.

Kentucky charges a 6% road usage tax upon titling your vehicle.  We do give you credit for approved state sales or use tax paid to another state, if you can provide proof of paying it.  Title, registration, and lien fees will be due upon titling.

Purchasing a motor vehicle while stationed in Kentucky

Military personnel are only exempt from road usage tax if they are purchasing a vehicle from a Kentucky licensed dealer, and they claim a state other than Kentucky as their home of record on their les.  The les cannot be more than 120 days old. 

If a vehicle is purchased from an individual or an out of state dealership, taxes will be collected upon titling.

Registering with a USAREUR registration

    Documentation required
  • USAREUR registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • Military id
  • Proof of sales or use tax paid previously to another state
  • Lien holder’s name and address if lien is listed on registration
  • Vehicle must be inspected for VIN and odometer verification
  • Customs paperwork


If tax has not been paid previously on the vehicle, it will be collected at the time of titling.