Welcome to the Recording Department of the Hardin County Clerk
It is the goal of our department to serve the public by quickly and efficiently processing the recordings that are lodged here. Every real estate recording filed here is scanned into a search engine and a digital index is created. Each document is then numbered and printed to a book before being returned to its owner. Our Search Data section provides access to the computer index and the corresponding images. If you need to know what it will cost to file any given document click on the Fee Schedule link below. If you have any questions use the contact us section or simply call our office.

A brief list of the documents filed here:
Power of Attorney
Marriage License
Notary Bonds

In addition, the department is a resource for genealogical research.

The Hardin County Clerk's Recording Department is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 to 4:30 at our Elizabethtown office.