Qualifications: Must be at least 24 years of age, a citizen of Kentucky for at least 3 years preceding the election, a voter of the district for which he is elected, completed at least the 12th grade or has been issued a GED certificate or has received a high school diploma in the external diploma program and must present it at the time of filing along with an an affidavit certifying completion of the 12th grade or the equivalent with his nominating petition. The candidate must not hold a state office requiring the constitutional oath or be a member of the General Assembly, nor may he hold or discharge the duties of any civil or political office, deputyship, or agency under the city or county of his residence, nor at the time of election is directly or indirectly interested in the sale to the board of services, supplies, or equipment purchased with school funds, nor has been removed from a board of education for cause, nor has a relative employed by the school district.
Authority: KRS 160.180 (2)
Filing Fee: $20.00
All Candidates may file form KREF 001 electronically with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.
Once filed, download the PDF and print a copy of the completed KREF 001 and
bring it to the Clerk's Office to complete the filing process

Click Here to file electronically

Below is a list of all candidates for this office

Home: 502-852-8710
Other: 270-307-6509

Candidates listed in GREEN are Write-In Candidates and their names will not appear on the ballot, but you will be able to write their name in for the race in which they've filed