The key to all election information is you the voter!

    Questions Like:
  • Who is my Magistrate?
  • Who is my State Representative?
  • Where do I vote?
  • What will my ballot face look like?

The answers to these questions require you to know your voter registration information, most importantly your Precinct Name.

Where you vote, isn't the same as your Precinct Name.

You'll need to use the Kentucky Secretary of State's Voter Information Center(VIC) to verify your registration information. Click below and once their system has retrieved your voter registration information make a note of your Precinct Code and Precinct Name. They are in the second line of the results and begin with your precinct code which will look something like this: A001, E006, G003 and so on.

    The VIC will also show you your:
  • Voting Location
  • Kentucky House of Representatives District
  • Kentucky State Senatorial District
  • US Congressional District
  • US Senators

Once you know your precinct name click the link above for Precinting and District Information. There you will find information specific to each precinct, like Magisterial districts and current ballot faces as well as other information

Click here to visit the Kentucky Secretary of State's Voter Information Center

Hardin County Board of Elections

The Members of the Hardin County Board of Elections are

  • Debbie Donnelly, Chairman
  • John Ward, Sheriff
  • Jim Weise, Republican Commissioner
  • Winnie Townsend, Democratic Commissioner

The Hardin County Board of Elections may be reached by either visiting the Hardin County Clerk's Office or by calling 270-765-6762